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Partnership is important. Partnership with other organizations and with other ministries at home and overseas can take different forms.  An excellent way to extend the reach of your Men’s Ministries is to take part in group projects or trips that enrich the spiritual growth and broaden your recognition and outreach. Sometimes it isn’t possible to go to another country, but MMI has ways you can still be involved with other men in valuable ministries. Some ministries available thru MMI are Operation 2 Timothy 2:2 and Project Barnabas. Presently Project Barnabas and 2 Timothy 2:2 have the most active “foreign missions” focus, when you can’t necessarily go to the Philippines, Burundi, India, Korea, or other areas of the world. You can partner in giving in different ways to help our brothers and sisters in ministry.

MMI partners with the local churches and conferences offering Schools of Evangelism taught by Lucien Behar and Schools of Discipleship taught by Jeffrey Johnson. Our churches are wanting assistance in many cases to help their people acquire better skills in the areas of sharing their faith (Life Style Evangelism) and being able to disciple new Christians. Lucien Behar and Jeffrey Johnson are available as resources to speak at men’s retreats.

MMI partners with the Free Methodist Church Consultants Network  led by Dr. Ray Ellis and the Free Methodist Urban Fellowship (FMUF).  We assist as the onsite coordinators of the Annual Consultant Training event held at the World Ministries Center in Indianapolis for church leadership wishing to gain cutting edge information in Church Growth. 

From its conception the Free Methodist Urban Fellowship has been connected with Men’s Ministries International. We continue to provide office support for FMUF especially in the spring of each year in connection with the CUE (Continental Urban Exchange) Conference.

Project Barnabas began in 1989 as a partnership formed between MMI and WMI (Women’s Ministries International) sending containerized shipments of rolled bandages, medical supplies, ministry and educational materials, and even some food staples to our Free Methodist brothers and sisters in need in other countries    These shipments were a source of encouragement (hence the name Project Barnabas). Since that time over 25 shipments have gone to many countries and Free Methodist ministries including Nhaloi Hospital in Mozambique, Kibogora Hospital in Rwanda, Kibuye Hospital in Burundi, Cameroon and the Women’s Training Center in Kumba, as well as to Haiti, and Greece (touching lives in Bulgaria and Kosovo).

Most recently there have been containers filled with educational, building, medical, library supplies and a complete radio station with transmitter and tower for Hope Africa University in Bujumbura, Burundi. What a blessing it is to be able to assist our Free Methodists in Burundi (and surrounding countries) who are being educated to go out to serve their Lord and their countries in ministry, education, medicine and other areas, while living among their own people. We are an encouragement to them and we can thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve and partner with them in this way. We are also practicing good stewardship of what God has given us, as we recycle these good useable items and send them to our Free Methodists and ministries that are able to use them.

“Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” John 6:12


Operation 2 Timothy 2:2 began partnering with Free Methodist World Missions in 1995 to provide added resources to help national evangelists around the world be able to evangelize, plant churches, and develop new ministries while being able to provide for their families.  

In July 2016, MMI sent the 71st 2 Timothy 2:2 evangelist/planter.

MMI partners with all the Free Methodist Men around the world.   National MMI Representatives on the International board include Dr. Eldon Babcock the Canadian Representative and Mr. Thembani Madikisela the South African Representative

Call or email Jan Ellis at the Free Methodist World Ministries Center if you have specific questions or would like more information on Schools of Evangelism or Dicipleship.

Phone: (800) 342-5331 ext 287


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