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Assisting churches in effective personal evangelism

  • Effectively reach others for Jesus Christ.
  • Train people in your church in Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Apply First Century Principles to Twenty-First Century Relationships
  • Our certified trainers are available around the world and they are available now to come to your church

Please contact us to schedule your Evangelism or Discipleship School.

MMI partners with the local churches and conferences offering Schools of Evangelism taught by Lucien Behar and Schools of Discipleship taught by Jeffrey Johnson. Our churches are wanting assistance in many cases to help their people acquire better skills in the areas of sharing their faith (Life Style Evangelism) and being able to disciple new Christians. Lucien Behar and Jeffrey Johnson are available as resources to speak at men’s retreats.

Ministry Building Opportunities

Lifestyle evangelism is the key to bringing others to Christ

When people experience the love of God through the acts of Christians, the seed is sown!

Suggested Special Events

  • Banquets: Sweetheart, Father/Daughter, Father/Son
  • Wild Game Men's Breakfast
  • Father/Child "Take-Me-Out-To-The-Ball-Game"
  • Attendance at Promise Keepers as a group
  • Super Bowl Sunday Night - at the church! (rent a big screen TV)
  • Overnight Retreat with another Men's group

Local Ministry Opportunities

  • Church Clean-up Day!
  • Fix-A-Car Day! Arrange to wash or tune up the car of a single mom or senior
  • Men's Ministry Camp Scholarship. Have a fund-raiser that will enable deserving children to go to camp
  • Honored-Guest Meal. Prepare an entire meal for your wives, the seniors, your kids, or single parents
  • Men's Ministries Evening Service. Offer to lead an evening service for your pastor
  • House Repair Saturday. Help out the elderly or single moms with needed house repair
  • Develop a Jail Visitation Ministry
  • Community Project Participation. Become part of a specific community project (such as Habitat for Humanity for one Saturday per year

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GC19 - General Conference 2019
Every four years, thousands of people from Free Methodist Churches across the United States and around the world gather for General Conference to connect with brothers and sisters in Christ and consider important business that impacts the Free Methodist Church around the world. From July 16-19, over 2300 people joined together in Orlando, Florida – with many thousands more across the globe online – to worship our creator, pray for His church, and consider how God would move in and through the people and ministries of the Free Methodist Church.  Men's Ministries International had a booth at the conference and we met and reached out to several people all around the globe about starting a Men's Ministry group in their church. A special thank you to our volunteers who helped "man" the booth.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2023.  

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