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Beginning a Men's Ministry Group

1. Develop a Men's Profile

Help your pastor make a profile of the men in your church by gathering information on age, marital status, interests, and need for fellowship. Pastors who understand the profile of their men will be prepared to pray for specific men to become Men's Ministries Leaders.

2. Select a Core Prayer Group

The pastor will identify a core group of three-to-five men through prayer and personal contact. This group will commit to meet with the Pastor weekly for three months to pray for Men's Ministries. The most effective ministries are those that begin with a core of laborers who are devoted to the Pastor's leadership and who have a vision for the ministry. This core group may become the Men's Ministries Leadership Team.

3. Select Keyman

The Pastor will then select a Men's Ministries Leader (Keyman) from the Leadership Team. The Keyman is a critical link between the local church, the conference, and the International Men's Ministries organization. Under the direction and authority of the Pastor, alongside the Leadership Team, the Keyman has responsibilities that include:

  • Working with the Leadership Team in prayer for and development of Men's Ministries.
  • Initiating, organizing, and promoting Men's Ministries in the church.
  • Being the contact person for the conference.  This will allow him to be a conduit for resources and materials for his church.
  • Delegating various leadership and program responsibilities to the Leadership Team as their desires, interests and strengths become known.
  • Developing and organizing Men's Ministries small groups.

4. Develop the Leadership Team

This Team will take shape from the core group. Leadership is discerned by follow-ship, not elections. Task-orientation, physical skills and spiritual gifts determine it. If God wants Men's Ministries to happen, men will respond to the need with a willingness to take on specific tasks. 

5. Initiate Small Groups

Men's small groups are a good environment for men to grow in Christ. These are truly the heart of the Men's Ministries and will meet regularly for prayer accountability, Bible Study and equipping for sharing the gospel. 

6. Develop Social Programming

These special-event programs can be used to strengthen the body life of the entire church, as well as to upgrade ministry to the community. 

7. Encourage MMI Partnerships

An annual gift of $25 per man means ownership of national and international ministry activities. But MMI is a ministry and not a dues-paying club. Gifts are encouraged as God lays the burden on men's hearts. It is partners rather than mere members who are sought. Maintain an up-to-date list of all your men's addresses and phone numbers. It will aid you as you encourage men to become partners in the national partner drive that is held each fall.

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