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2 Timothy 2:2

Sponsoring Evangelists and Church Planters around the world!

The purpose of Operation 2 Timothy 2:2 is to equip and assist indigenous evangelists and church planters to effectively take the good news of Jesus Christ in the foreign field using their own language to their people.  By discipling and training national pastors, church planters and evangelists in their home countries and cultures, more people can be reached to tell others about Jesus. 

2 Timothy 2:2 was established in the Fall of 1993.  Since then we have sponsored 71 different evangelists and church plants internationally.  The two that we currently sponsor are Stephen Khuper in Myanmar and Tóth Sándor Péter in Hungary.

Our objectives include:

  • Ministerial and lay evangelists who will train other men and women in soul winning and effective discipleship, reproducing themselves and winning many more to Christ as their personal Savior. 
  • Promoting and training men in foreign fields to plan and organize local men's ministries.  These will include establishing new men's ministries and developing leaders to plan activities which will disciple men for evangelism and service.

We accomplish the vision by providing partial financial support of ministers and lay persons who have been trained to be leaders in soul winning and discipleship and who can evangelize in their own countries.  Operation 2 Timothy 2:2 only supports with limited funds and for a limited time to allow new ministries to develop their own financial stability.

Qualified individuals are recommended for sponsorship to MMI by their respective conferences or mission leadership and identified through a picture and biographical sketch.  This is done in cooperation with the Department of World Missions.  When a candidate is approved by MMI, support begins as soon as funds are available.  MMI commits to financial support for a minimum of two years; this may be renewed if funds are available and reporting criteria met. 

100% of your vital donations go directly to the field and we are ready with our 72nd church planter evangelist as soon as funds are available!
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Steven Khuper - Myanmar

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Peter Toth - Hungary

Evangelists and Church Planters Since 1995

Steven Khuper Myanmar 2015 #71
Peter Toth Hungary 2013 #70
Tuan Thang Myanmar 2013 #69
Mark Lilema Zambia 2011 #68
Moses Chabonse Zambia 2010 #67
Gideon Mwansa Zambia 2010 #66
Davy Mwansa Zambia 2010 #65
Fayez Middle East 2009 #64
Saturnino Nalam Philippines 2008 #63
Hei Kung Myanmar 2008 #62
David Da-anoy Philippines 2007 #61
Vishwas Gawai India 2007 #60
Rajendra Tarekar India 2007 #59
Dosseh Hougnada Togo 2007 #58
Joshua Kon Sawan Thailand 2007 #57
Willy Abrao Philippines 2007 #56
Ionara Pereira Belgium 2006 #55
Eleazar Habiyakare Belgium 2006 #54
Purushottam & Rajitha India 2006 #53
David Shinde India 2006 #52
David & Jyoti Raj India 2006 #51
Bartholomew & Lilly Korea 2006 #50
Simeon Rutazihana Belgium 2005 #49
Layth Ibraheem Iraq 2005 #48
Rey Masumbol Philippines 2005 #47
Sakis Kopatzidis Greece 2004 #46
Ramon Escalona Cuba 2004 #45
Chatchawan Prasert Thailand 2004 #44
Nenita Callebout Belgium 2004 #43
Tania Goncalves Italy 2004 #42
Nito Castro Spain 2004 #41
Joseph Middle East 2003 #40
Cida Matos Portugal 2003 #39
Ephriam Agupita Philippines 2002 #38
Viktor Zaichuk Ukraine 2002 #37
Leonidas Georgantopoulos Greece 2002 #36
Benny Minggong Philippines 2002 #35
James Paniamongan Philippines 2002 #34
Jun Penaloga Philippines 2002 #33
Nomer Golez Philippines 2002 #32
Victor Amandoron Philippines 2002 #31
Manny Manongsong Philippines 2002 #30
Rosendo Campos Philippines 2002 #29
Tito Clemente Philippines 2002 #28
Tim Crusado Philippines 2002 #27
Rodel Barro Philippines 2002 #26
Edgar Tuazon Philippines 2002 #25
Allan Prochina Philippines 2002 #24
Praseurt Saetung Thailand 2001 #23
Jong Hyan Park American Indian 2001 #22
Gerry McNamara Hungary 2000 #21
Nibigira Ezechiel Burundi/Kenya 2000 #20
Linda Dalago Philippines 2000 #19
Merlinda Villanueva Philippines 2000 #18
Gloria Golez Philippines 2000 #17
V.K. Naveen India 2000 #16
Phoebe Curada Philippines 2000 #15
Anil Tode India 1999 #14
John Munyakazi Congo/Rwanda 1999 #13
Tito Gatako Rwanda 1998 #12
Jackson Yazzie Navajo 1998 #11
Dayanand Sagar India 1998 #10
Nixon Dingili Kenya 1997 #9
Alan and Bev King England 1997 #8
Zakayo Murumbi Kenya 1996 #7
Abwe Mlendja Zaire/Tanzania 1996 #6
Isaac Pady Haiti 1996 #5
Tony Nidea Philippines 1995 #4
Alan Bacus Philippines 1995 #3
Nathan Umazekabiri Rwanda 1995 #2
Asende Mboboci Zaire/Tanzania 1995 #1
GC19 - General Conference 2019
Every four years, thousands of people from Free Methodist Churches across the United States and around the world gather for General Conference to connect with brothers and sisters in Christ and consider important business that impacts the Free Methodist Church around the world. From July 16-19, over 2300 people joined together in Orlando, Florida – with many thousands more across the globe online – to worship our creator, pray for His church, and consider how God would move in and through the people and ministries of the Free Methodist Church.  Men's Ministries International had a booth at the conference and we met and reached out to several people all around the globe about starting a Men's Ministry group in their church. A special thank you to our volunteers who helped "man" the booth.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2023.  

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